desayunos (breakfast)

mexico recap is taking a little longer than i thought but i did recreate my own version of chilaquiles. i was craving this after eating hotel food and fast food all last week. this was the dish i had the most while in mexico.

refried beans: i made refried black beans from a can and added some extra stuff. minced onions, a few pieces of fatty carnita & a ring or two slices of hot chili peppers.

spanish rice: made spanish rice w/ a box of leftover white rice from chinese takeout w/ a jar of sofrito and some frozen peas.

rojos sauce (red sauce): i used canned tomatoes, a can chipotles, the rest of the leftover carnita and diced onions. cooked and pureed it. a pinch of salt & pepper to taste. this was hot! ( i would have added garlic but i was out)

toasted some fried tortilla chips. spread it on a dish. poured the rojos sauce over it w/ a dollop of sour cream. for extra protein, you can add a nice sunnyside egg on top.

ta da! its a filling breakfast. the portions i had in mexico were always big, but i prefer mine w/ a little of everything. to say the least, it tasted pretty friggin’ good.

in other news: i was invited to a post holiday party at soldier field the night before sunday’s big game. everyone was dress to the nine. me not so much. i don’t own a ball gown.
cocktail hour included a free flowing bar & plenty of unhealthy fried finger foods. you get to meet da bears players, which i didn’t know they were ex-players until my brother told me later when i got home with some autographs. i thought they looked a bit old to be playing. ha, that shows you my extent of football knowledge. this all took place in the cadillac club. fireworks blasted just prior to sitting down for dinner. i mostly poked at my dry chicken & overcooked filet mignon. it was so wrong to even serve this. but my dinner neighbor on my right plowed through it like he hadn’t eaten in years. afterwards, the martini bar was shaking away and the dessert table were plates of little gems ready to be picked. shame on my diet if i had one but i went back for several helpings. i’m really not a sweet toother but it made up for the sad dinner. entertainment covered a lot of 80s and some 70s music, which i sadly identified very well. all in all, it was a good night in good company.


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