slowly digging myself out from deadlines. i try not to join in the client’s freakazoid tantrum. its not good for one’s health. this happens when their higher-ups puts the pressure down, which then trickles down to us little people to figure out this near miracle without magic. i love it when they give you the “we can take it to another….” lingo. uh okay, but i’m pretty sure they can’t do it either unless god can intervene. good luck buddy! but then you know they just want to talk smack.

all this is dragging my mexico recaps. so, i’m slowly uploading images. slowly editing. s-l-o-w-l-y. it’ll be here when i get there.

in all the craziness, sometimes you just have to take a breather. thats when i see my girls. damn their so cute i can’t stand it. ahhahahaha…ahem. okay. back to work.

my girls


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