getting an early start to spring cleaning.
trying to organize my library of books. so, i ordered more shelving so i could build it to 9ft tall (yes, we have tall ceilings). before we had a house, we use to buy a lot of books. impulse & pleasure. expensive & cheap. i lugged a lot of books home from traveling. some came through the mail and some were gifts. since having a home, we haven’t been as crazy as we were then. mostly because funds are now used to fix up this old house & two we don’t have any place to put them. i still have books in boxes well over five years. i’m ready to weed through them and get rid of what i don’t want anymore. i’ve already put up a few on amazon to sell, which will go towards paying off these shelves. I’ve only gone through 1/8th of the books i’m keeping by category. alphabetizing would have been a nightmare. now lets be real, i’m not that organized. ha!

in other news: the madness is almost over. the project that i’ve been working on since Jan (when i literally got off the plane from Mexico) is about to launch. spring officially starts next week, i’m ready to start gardening as the weather gets warmer. woohoo!


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