its official!
spring that is. well, it was official as of yesterday but i was too busy to post anything. i was too busy to enjoy having the house to myself for one night. i hate when busy takes over my appetite and i end up eating fast food. then regretting it after gorging it down so fast. i hate the fact that i should be biking to the gym but i end up driving because time is ticking. then again, i hate that i’ve been so busy to even go to the gym for the past month. just when i thought things were slowing down, something else starts up. i just hope i have time to enjoy some of this nice weather before it turns into snow (just never know what it’ll be the next day sometimes) or something. booo!

isn’t it cute when cats cuddle? i just want to jump right in and cuddle, too! but i’m too busy, wwwaaah!
then i have this urge to buy. shop. acquire. score. obtain. purchase. invest. spend.

browsing the antique mart

but i know shouldn’t be adding more to what i’m trying to cleaning out. wwaaahhh!!

in other news: I’ll be okay.


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