lettuce eat!
it wast the 8th annual edible books and tea festival on April 1st. this festival takes place all over the world on the same day. this year i did the pillow book w/ vanilla marshmallows, nutella, cocoa powder & tons of confectionary powder. i should have shaped my marshmallow into a woman’s body. that would have made more sense, huh? then again i didn’t think of it till i got there. i still had fun. books were voted on various things before being devoured by spectators. they had a nice food spread besides the edible books. i stuffed myself silly with over a dozen finger sandwiches. i couldn’t help it, they were staring to be eaten. ha! when it was time to dig in and eat the books, i couldn’t eat another bite. though i didn’t win for “most likely to be devoured” (peter panini, did) it was still nice to see all the fun books. if you want an excuse to play with food, you should look into the festival in your city/state next year.

i might not have won anything but my book was out of stock in minutes

friday: we took advantage of whole foods wine tasting fridays @ five. tasty wine but i wasn’t too keen on the cheese. even though it was some fancy $33 a lb french cheese, i nearly gagged. while the woman next to me moaned in ectasy. to me it tasted like mold. then again, cheese is moldy milk, isn’t it?

films: finally saw babel. it was good, its a little 24 and chain reaction. also saw curse of the golden flower. was that tragic as tragic can get? gong li is queen (or should i say empress) of tragic. bright & all gold, that era must be what europe was with roccoco. extraaavaaagant!

when you know but don’t know: in yoga class the other day, a familiar looking woman rolled her mat right next to mine. i smiled. she smiled. i thought i knew her but then i don’t. she had really distinctive eyebrows (groucho marx-like). i thought for a while and finally pinpointed where i’ve seen her. flickr! just the other day, i was looking at some food fotos where she was the flickr photographer’s eating partner. that was wierd because i even knew her name. i didn’t say anything. i like my solitude at the gym.

in other news: i have so much to do on a personal level.


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