yucky wet heavy snow, oh boy!

its snowing 3 – 6″ today. when its suppose to be showers for spring flowers. everything that was popping out of the ground is dead again. i noticed my daffodils didn’t grow in time for easter this year.

domestic queen i am not…
do you all have trouble folding fitted sheets? i saw it on martha stewarts a long time ago. she made it look & sound so simple. point to point. all crisp & straight. like magic. i just can’t do it! it just becomes a big ball of mess. waaaah!

with the amount of cat hair & dust, my brother got me a shop vac w/ a hepa filter. it sucks everything and anything up. the problem is cleaning it out. how do you people clean that thing? as soon as you lift the top part off, dust & fluffy stuff starts poofing all over.

i heard stainless steel was hard to clean. did i listen? so when we were remodeling i decided to put in a stainless steel hood over the stove (my appliances are all black). i thought it would be a nice thing to offset the black. after x amount of years, cleaning that thing is a pain in the arse. the only way i can keep that thing spotless & smooth is: a) never cook. b) clean it everyday. c) have a housekeeper scrub it down. i don’t come close to any.

and since i’m on this, its nice to have a dishwasher. it was a housewarming gift from the MIL. i usually get it going before going to bed. but i really get lazy unloading it. sometimes for days, which then backs up the new dirty dishes in the sink.

okay, lets face it, i hate cleaning. ha!

in other news: i am officially booked solid the next 3 days, starting tomorrow morning. have a good weekend!


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