the sun came out friday and i finally exposed myself for some fresh air & activities.

6:45am: drop-off mail before 7am pickup
7am: feed kitties
7:30am: prepare to-do-list, i have to do everything enroute
9am: fought traffic & dropped off the hubs to work
10am: went to check out a craiglist furniture
11am: meet w/ accountant, taxes are due monday!
11:45am: bank errands
12:15pm: meet up w/ neighbors for thai lunch special
1:30pm: check messages & return emails
2:15pm: trained it down to a venue for performance & food (mainly for free food, which i wasn’t even hungry for)
4:30pm: trained downtown for cookbook expo, made a few sale stops in between
6pm: expo ends
8:15pm: train home
9pm: feed kitties. made dinner
10pm: baked 2doz. mini lemon poppyseed cupcakes for the kitty shelter’s new grand opening (will frost tomorrow before delivering)

11pm: knocked out! *cricket sound*


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