tulip festival
dutch on the other side of the lake
went to the town of holland (in michigan) for the tulip festival. the weather was a bit dreary & chilly, kinda like the netherlands if i say so myself. it was nice to walk around the lil’ cute town and see all the bright tulip colors. a much faster way to enjoy some dutch culture, but of course nothing compares to the real thing.
tulip fieldbruised from the crazy midwest weather changes

tulips everywhere! i’m sure they would have faired better if it wasn’t from a few freeze day that popped in and out of nowhere. my daffodils never even seen the light of day after that cold front. anyhoo…had a great time!

tulip festival
he & she

prior to the festival, we had to make a stop to herman miller warehouse store, in another town close by. we definitely packed the suv to the max! tg that place was only open till noon on saturdays. i’m embarrassed to say what i got here, when i’m currently trying so hard to purge at home. ha!

in other news: we also went a little hog wild with some pyrex finds! i have to put “we” since i didn’t get everything in the pic below, but i did get the majority. *smirk*

i think we did pretty good for this many pieces for $50, no?

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