goodbye daisy bowls, have a good life in your new home


i’m thinking of quiting my gym membership. i hate paying to not go. i’ve barely made it there for the past two months. the only thing i like there is the pilates class but that’s been on the crowded side lately. also i don’t even know how to use a lot of those contraptions there. i try what i know and that’s pretty limited. i have to see if i make it there this month. i just feel really tired & lazy these days.

i recently gifted a nice set of pyrex nesting bowls (above picture) i had picked up in michigan. i hope she enjoys it. don’t worry i kept a few of my finds for myself and i’ve already made use of them all.
orange butterfly crush

in other news: last nite, i took a little spontaneous break. went for beer & bowling. no doubt i suck but who cares.


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