i like nice quick meals when its hot outside. which means eating a lot of salads and other cold foods. though once in a while its okay to stand in front of the stove for a short moment just to whip up zuppa di cozze aka mussels in a garliky wine tomato broth. its actually a recipe from the sopranos cookbook (yes, the hbo series). i just altered it by adding chicken broth. its always a great hit with friends who like to eat. but then i think its the alcohol that does it. recently a neighbor friend came into 12 bottles of free opened wine in all ranges from a wine tasting event. unfortunately, we are all non-wine connoisseurs, so the only way to make use of it, is to cook with it.

zuppa di cozze
italian parsley, red pepper flakes, sea salt, tomatoes (i use canned whole peeled tomatoes), chicken broth, white wine, olive oil, mussels (you can use fresh but i used frozen, its more easily ready & accessible)

mince & chop garlic & parsley. in a large pan heat olive oil, stir garlic & parsley until garlic is almost golden. add red pepper flakes. quickly dice the tomatoes. toss into pan. add salt. stir in wine and chicken broth bring to a quick boil then to a simmer. slowly add mussels. should only take approx. 10 minutes (if using fresh it’ll open up in 5 or 10 mins). turn off heat. serve with a nice crusty soft bread.

in other news: i haven’t touched work in three days. darn, i wish i had the whole summer to do that.


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