fresh loot

all used items (patio furniture, pyrex & books)

old but new

i’ve been hitting a few estate, flea markets & garage sales lately. i know i shouldn’t be buying when i’m still in the middle of purging. but hey, it doesn’t hurt to look to find that super awesome piece for a bargain, right?

also attended the printer’s row book fair, which i haven’t been in years. it was a gorgeous day to be browsing the stalls. i was really trying to control myself from accumulating more books than i have room to hold. didn’t buy anything till the very very end when people were packing up. one stall was selling ALL their books for a $1. in which i was able to pick up ruth reichl’s tender at the bone, another cookbook & a travel book.


also went to see “The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow.” a good play. funny. the main character is all high-energy. there was one part (that’s because its written by a non-asian) that gave me the cultural cringe. anyhoo, go check it out if its in your parts.

also rented mel’s apocalypto. we started watching it pretty late after dinner. normally, i fall asleep somewhere midway into the movie, but not this time. holy shitz! i was on the edge of the sofa the entire time. by the time the movie ended, my hands & feet were all bloated from sweating. he may be a drunkard but he made one hell of a movie.

in other news: i realize i can’t stand to be in traffic for more then 20mins. it makes me cranky & bitchy when i arrive at my destination. a recent example was a usual 35-40min drive is now a good hour to hour and a half. this is all within the city limits!!! %@#(#$%^@$*! see what i mean?


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