stupid ass yuppie mom. i say this because i witnessed one the other day when i was on the bus.

the bus stops in front of khaki-polo-shirt couple w/ baby in buggy. yuppie husband climbs on to pay. yuppie mom is below the stairs with her big-ass pram (buggy thats like 4x bigger than the baby sitting in it). she shouts out to the bus driver to lower the handicap stairs. the thing wasn’t working properly and just made noises. not only was the bus driver getting impatient, so was i! 1) the husband could have just gone down and help his wife with the buggy up the 3 friggin’ steps. 2) it takes a while for the handicap stairs to lower. 3) the woman could have folded up her pram, if its foldable, and carried her baby up 4) its not like she was alone trying to get one buggy up. 5) no one was handicap here besides the baby, but she was with two physically functional adults. But nooooooo…the yuppie mom had to be a bitch and gave the bus driver a hard time as she came up the bus. shouting that she never had a problem with this. that it was the drivers job to accommodate her. blah blah blah. meanwhile the husband just stood there and didn’t say a word. definitely a spineless man. when it was finally clear the stairs wasn’t lowering, he went down and lifted the buggy up and that thing rolled down the whole aisle of the bus (nearly rolling over my toes). they sat down and the woman was still bitchin’. it was so stupid! wtf is wrong with these ppl who think their so elitist to others! i really felt for the driver.

in other news: why is the ice cream truck play x’mas music?? silent night, rudolph the red nose reindeer, santa claus is coming to town, etc. it soooo annoying because his truck stops right at the corner from my house and the music just loops until he moves on.


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