weekend of BBQs

friday: visiting a friend in the neighborhood. decided to start the grill and invited friends in the ‘hood whoever wants to walk over & eat. kids & dogs included.

saturday: went to a one yr olds bday. didn’t know 98% of the ppl. there was an awkward point where you don’t have anything to relate with the other adults (because all they’ll ask is what you do and where you live) so you end up staring at two toddlers doing nothing in the middle of the floor for what felt like an eternity.

sunday: another spontaneous grilling. all adults. sit out under a tree till midnite.

in other news:
i broke down and broke out the cash to buy myself a waffle cone in hopes of telling the ice cream man to change his x’mas tune to something not x’mas. but i didn’t cause there was a long line and didn’t want to cause a scene. hehehe
from the ice cream truck


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