in honor of gay pride yesterday, some friends visiting from SF came all the way here to make some really yummy food. unfortunately i have no pictures to show but you’ll have to trust me on my non-literary description. outdoors. warm weather. under a tree and a light cool breeze. fresh strawberry mojitos & bloody marys accompanied a tasty meal of spicy melt-in-your-mouth pork dish, sauteed zucchinis, refried black beans, fresh chips, guacomole, spicy salsa & a fresh salad. if my stomach had no limit, i think i could have kept eating. it was that good!

and since we didn’t get to bbq yesterday, my neighbor & i are doing an impromptu one tonite with whatever we have in the fridge. hey gotta keep up with the summer grillin’s you know. muwhwahhaha

in other news: i’m hosting two preteens for a few days. it is so hard to entertain them at this age. so i stuck them w/ the xbox and they played for almost 10hrs straight yesterday!! today, they had their breakfast and is continuing the madness. can’t blame them, i’ve done that before myself. where i played & hardly slept for a month. than one day, i stopped cold turkey (like when forrest gump stop running). doh!

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