fri- accompanied R to get everything she needed for the baby shower. we almost couldn’t fit her son when it came time to pick him up. also repaired a door all by myself.

sat- ran some quick errands before 10am in the burbs in time to come and help set up the shower. there was an insane amount of food to feed a village. left in the afternoon to clean out our basement from tuesday’s freak flooding. caught up on all my netflix.

kane county flea market
sun- went to the kane county flea market at the crack of dawn w/ my friend S. i hadn’t been there in years, but things didn’t seem like a bargain to me anymore. i ended up with plants from $2 perennial sale. dropped off S. picked up M and we were off the the far NW burbs for a bday bbq.

mon- started planting my new stuff at 7am. R came for help w/ her resume at 9ish and the IRS came a knocking half an hour later. yes, they literally came to my doorstep to collect. i was quite frazzled by noon. thank god for the short week. happy monday!


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