07.07.07 bbq shindig

citrus sangria
i would have had more pictures but i was too busy grilling and making sure drinks & food was replenished for a crowd of 20. we started at 5pm and it ended just around 1:30am. we cleaned and put away as much as we could. i passed out. continued cleaning the next morning. i was ready to fall over by 9am. instead i went to E’s house, so she could feed me and i simply passed out on her sofa most of sunday. ha!

Hey Iggs
in the mist of all the preparation, my poor Iggy fell sick. he’s got some sort of urinary tract but we’ll see if he’ll need an operation to take out the stones. vet visits don’t come cheap. aack!

in other news: i went on double duty yoga sessions. i felt great afterwards. today i feel like a slinky.


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