@ Moto

eat this
so i finally got a chance to try super chef cantu’s Moto the other night. part of a venue invitation only thingy. the food was, this is only in my opinion, it was okay. it wasn’t something that rocked my world or anything, but it was still interesting. if kids like to have fun foods why can’t adults too! thats what its all about. creating edibles w/ a little art & science. why not, right? square eggs. carbonated blueberries. edible paper & ink. freeze dried this. laser that. its playing w/ our senses w/ all things familiar.

we sat in a very long table. i was lucky enough to be seated next to ppl, on my one side, who were ooo-ing & aaaah-ing the entire time. they were greedy in many cases where certain things were to be shared between tables (like the edible paper you see above). if they can tear away every bottle of wine from the wine sommelier, that was being paired for each dish they would have. i bet if they had to lift their shirt for an extra piece of edible paper or carbonated fruit, they probably would. greedy ass foodies! anyhoo, its all good.

in other news: its pouring out here like no other. i need to take care some leaks when this passes.


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