next year

it was a beautiful weekend to clean & catch up on a laundry list of things-to-do. now did i actually do any of it? not really. i’ve been feeling a bit lethargic. i didn’t even have the excitement to shop at the huge yearly garden center sidewalk sale. i only got seeds & a rolling planter tray. i guess i felt like i need to recoup from the chain reaction stress of my clients and some house repairs.

thankfully, my clients are pretty understanding but finding the right people to fix things around the house is a pain. in a way i’m glad the housing market is going bust. because during the boom, contractors don’t want to deal with the little people, when they have all this work from all the pop-up condos & homes around town. now that its waning down, certain contractors are responding faster than they normally do but i still have some that are still on their high horse. well i’m getting a little pissed so i’m going to have to do something about it. i really don’t like to be ugly.

in other news: i attended a weight training class. i ache today. i’m so wimpy when it comes to upper body movements. aack!


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