baby palm tree

semi-memorable jaunt
so, me & the hubs took a quick extended getaway weekend to negril, jamaica. it was a bold if not rash idea to travel to the caribbean during its hurricane season, which starts from June – November. we wanted to go to a beachy island somewhere yet not to far from the states. believe me i did my research and i checked the weather constantly till the day we left. two people i knew had gone there in previous years in Sept and said it was fine. plus hurricane so-and-so had already hit that island and nothing too devastating to cancel our plans.

this was to be a short vacation to relax & do nothing. so i booked our first trip to an all-inclusive resort. i’ve never done one but i assume its almost like a cruise except you get to be on land the whole time and swim in the ocean instead of cruising on one. we also wanted to be an all adults place. no crazy kids. food & cocktails galore. and so i thought….

anyway, lets make this less painful like the sunburn on my back. its not for me. resorts like this is like being in a glass walled world and staring out to what really is jamaica or whatever is real out there. you are basically hidden from the culture, the people (besides the ones that work at the hotel, and the food. omg, the food! can you imagine, i didn’t even get to eat a jamaican beef pattie nor tasted what good jerk chicken should taste like while i was out there? hell, instead i had some packaged frozen fish in yucky sauce, sesame chicken in some sticky spicy something & bland sugarless fruit (canned & not really fresh). i only ate because i needed to sustain myself. even the cocktail drinks were a bust! pina colada was like the juice from a can of pineapples & the mango margarita was just alcoholic sugar fructose slime. is that a tropical crime or what?!! it is definitely made for the tourist that like this kind of stuff & eat what they normally eat at home. the hubs knew something was wrong when i wasn’t taking any pictures of my food. its that bad. lets just say it rates up there with old country buffet. i’m not even a food snob.

well, all wasn’t bad. i came home a few shades “healthier” looking. the upside of going during low-season, the resort was 60% unoccupied. who likes crowds anyway. we guessed it to be about 50 couples in the whole resort. the beach was practically ours with a few dotted beach bums. the water was crystal blue & soothingly warm. the sand was soft & powdery white. the freshwater swimming pool was entirely ours for hours on end each day. it gave me a good chance to practice swimming without embarrassing myself. it did rain two of the four days but the sun busted out so fast you hardly remembered there was a downpour fifteen minutes ago.

not until our last day there did we meet one of the friendly gardeners cleaning by our patio. he asked me if we were enjoying jamaica. so i told him i don’t know. which then he told us this is not what jamaica is all about. that we really should come back & see the real jamaica, jerk chicken & more but to try and stay at a smaller hotel. i told him my disappointment with the food. in a hush way, he came back later w/ real coconuts & chopped it in front of us to drink the juice. now that’s what i’m talkin’ about tropical. funny thing is that we had talked to two worker people earlier in our stay, who we later found out were management, that discouraged us from going out of the resort because they felt that all you need was already here & that you needed permission blah, blah, blah. uuhhh..noooo! it kinda felt like prison on a beach with horrible food, cheesy activities & i forgot to mention clothing-optional beaches next door. mostly of old men w/ shrivelly you-know-whats, who like to just stand in the knee deep water for all to see. which isn’t much, that’s all i gotta say.

i guess when we said we wanted to do nothing, it still meant wanting to explore, eat and seeing the local culture & scene. if you don’t do that, it really isn’t memorable. a beach can be anywhere for all i know. so until my next travel adventures….this goes in my checklist of did it, done it, thats it.


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