Day 1: Museum Day, DCcontinuing from the Smithsonian portrait gallery

Apparently the museum had recently gone through some major renovations. I was loving some of the wall coloring choices. smithsonian institution - national portrait gallery Tile work. Individual interior exhibits. Its all soooo purty. As if i’ve been hibernating in a museum cave, I walked out squinting at the sun, still shiny & bright.

your never too far away from everything

After being indoors for so many hours, it was nice t0 enjoy some of the nice weather. I headed for the sculpture garden across from the National Archives.
My fave is probably the old school typewriter eraser. It looks as if its running across the lawn. Oh, claes, your so funny. runaway eraser Kids these days probably don’t even know what a typewriter is more less a typewriter eraser.

Then i was off to the National Gallery of Art – west building. I really didn’t stay in this part of the building much. I did see Rodin’s miniature version of the “thinker”, but I’ve already seen the bigger form of him in Paris a long time ago. lil' thinker
John Turner was the current exhibit but I didn’t care for it. The garden outside the entrance was much more interesting & sweet.
turner garden

Bored. I headed for the east building of the National Gallery, which is its own separate building, with the modern side of art.
Once inside, its open, concrete, with a gigantic Calder mobile floating over head.

Picasso would be so mod right next to my Danish wall unit. hehehe Edward Hopper was the exhibit of the moment. Couldn’t sneak a shot but its always nice to check out his Nighthawk in person. for sale

After the National Gallery, I had one more place i wanted to check out before heading back. WACK! at the NMWA but I didn’t end up going in, because all the museums have been free up until now so i never had much cash on me. At the same time, I was losing momentum on any more art for today.i just wanted to head back to the hotel and rest my barking dogs (feet).

On my way back to the hotel, I spotted a place for dinner. So after a few hours of being sucked in by cable(cause I don’t have it at home), we made our way to the hole in the basement for some yummy Malaysian cuisine.
@ malaysia kopitiam

Everything was delish but we ended up packing it to go, because the place was extremely loud to eat & catch up with my friend. the volume of everyone’s conversation seems to be super high, must be the walls or something. my friend & i could barely hear each from across our booth. it was like screaming at each other at a dance bar, except there wasn’t any music. so, we ate the rest in the comforts of our hotel suite. and why not? the place was as big as a one bedrm apartment w/ free cable and a kitchenette. now that’s livin’! okay, i don’t get out that much. its luxury to me. ha!

To be continued…

i interrupt this bloggin’ to say i just had the most awesome pupusa in the ‘hood tonight. soft, tender, stuffed w/ little morsels of veggies & cheese or chorizo & cheese. omg, i need to go back to reload that awesome taste. i want to try the chicharron next. mmmm…..

paper plates, pupusa & condiments…mmmmm

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