the morning after

i shoveled about 8-10″ of snow over the weekend. i kinda enjoy the exercise of it. i just don’t like driving in it.

i once had a woman of a friend ask me “how can you EVER live there and why? california is the place to be.” i was offended at first then i realize she’s just a spoiled brat who travels on daddy’s dime and doesn’t know jack. before i could travel on my own, i didn’t realize that four seasons don’t exist in some places. you also don’t realize that x’mas & snow don’t go hand in hand. some people have never even endured what real cold is. and i’m not talking about 50 degrees. plus when you grow up here, kids really don’t fear cold. it means runny nose, snowball fights & snow angels.

now, that i’ve traveled around the world and seen different places, i can see the lure of living some place with one constant weather. some day. i know its crazy to say this, but for now, i enjoy the wintery white & other seasonal extremes chitown has to offer. its just a part of me and i always look forward for the next season to come.


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