“making spring again”

weekend so far….

recycled my x’mas wreath for some probable useless blue bags. helped a friend set up for her gallery opening. costa rican lunch. thrift shop. made bbq pork lomein for dinner. made mac & cheese for the next day. played wii w/ the hubs. ate all the food i made, even the mac & cheese. watched Paris, je t’aime (i loved it!!). about to bake some green tea mini muffins. put away holiday stuff. recycle. laundry. that’s it for now.

oh, i did try another new filipino restaurant/grocer/convenient store in the ‘hood. it was more like snack shop than a restaurant. it looked like it had been there for years than a grand opening. the sign out front was more like a flapped over banner, so if you don’t look hard you may just pass it. the place was very basic & simple. kinda like a place you’d see off the road in southeast asia. looks like a buffet but not. the food wasn’t too bad, but i prefer my food hot & crunchy than cold & soggy. i’ll have to give it another go some other time.

my filipino lunch special @ pinay fiesta

listening: flames go higher – eagles of death metal

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