ramen lunch

if nothing else, there’s always ramen to save the day. i thought about picking up McD’s but i knew that would be a very last resort if i had nothing at home. luckily i had one more bag of korean ramen noodles. throw in a few fresh shrimps, baby bok choy, some fish cake (from the freezer) and fresh chopped green onions. viola!

today’s lunch is not even worthy of a picture. since, i ate my last bag of ramen yesterday, i had 3 pieces of wheat toast w/ apple jam. don’t get me wrong, i do have grocery but sometimes i just don’t feel like cooking. i call it the student or lazy man’s cooking. ha!

listening: otha fish – pharcyde


One thought on “

  1. Mmm… that looks like something I would make for a quick lunch too! I love the bok choy; it adds a nice colour to the dish.

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