personal pyrex pot pie

now if only you can smell
what you see online. i’ve been wanting to make chicken pot pie for some time now, but thought it would be a difficult process. not the case. it was quick & easy. it turned out really good. i made three lil’ pies. of course things taste even better when its cooked in them lil’ vintage pyrex bowls. i made the saucy chicken & veggie filling on the stove. poured it into the bowls. cut out the pie crust (pillsbury readymade pie crust) w/ the pyrex cover. threw it in a 425˚ oven for 10-12minutes. just enough till the crust is brown & crunchy. viola! i think i’ll try a beef version next time. this really wasn’t as hard as i thought. i’m lazy like that. ha!

i thought this would be fun to have. its reusable. dishwasher safe. its more fun than the usual coffee thermos to-go, no?

in other news: oooo….look what’s coming out this summer! i’m still savoring the noguchi ones from the year before.

fashion glam & coke – mickey avalon


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