late night margaritas prior to a fever

i celebrated mlk day in bed, not by choice. i had a great weekend. i had a lot of food. great company. yummy drinks. i guess i’m gettin’ too old to indulge like this. by the time i got home at 1am on a sunday evening, i started to feel chills. not good. 4 blanks and a kitty couldn’t keep me warm. my whole body started to ache. my head felt like it wanted to explode. then at one point i felt my body was on fire. yeah, not good. i officially caught a yucky bug!

i’m a bit better today. still a way from 100% but at least i don’t have the killer headache. just a drippy nose & no voice to talk but at least i can type, right? the culprit? i think i caught it from one of my friend’s kids when i saw them friday. they were just too cute to not hug. dang kids and germs! 😛

in other news: the hubs has a co-worker who wants to consult me about her new kitty. i’m no kitty whisperer but i suppose i do have enough experience for some advice. we shall see. one thing i know for sure, i’m really good at trimming kitty nails even for the most vicious ones.


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