mini sweatshop

make-shift sweatshop

for an upcoming get-together with the gals in the ‘hood, i thought it would be a great surprise to make some printed t-shirts for everyone attending. its been hard keeping it a secret but my t-shirt co-conspirator & i are the only ones who knows (unless they read this blog, which i doubt any will by the time they get this). its not the best print job. mainly because i was doing this while watching law & order reruns. oh the suspense! *bum-bum* (think L&O tune). hahaha… plus once i lay down the graphic, that’s it. whatever printed is printed. some shirts my have a graphic positioned in the weirdest spot. so who knows. its a raw print job. its all in good fun.

two days ago, i was printing 300 envelopes for the hubs. he laughed and said wow, its like an actual chinese sweatshop. it kinda was, but the exception was that it was fun for me.

listening: joe le taxi – vanessa paradis


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