leftover hodge podge

growing up, we did a lot of leftover eating.
we’d have one big family meal on monday which then left enough for the next few days or the rest of the week. the reasoning behind it was because we were
latch key kids with no adults to make us nutritious food when we got home from school during the week. they hated the idea of us eating tv dinners & chef boyardee. so instead, we get to eat monday’s meal for the next few day. sometimes it was agonizing because we’d be reheating that stuff over and over again. we knew come monday, it would start all over again. i use to dread it. it was an endless meal. most people i know who grew up eating leftovers never ever want to relive those times again. but the funny thing is that they always have a fridge full of leftovers. why doggy bag it? when they know they’ll never touch it again. guilt? who knows.

these days i still get my share of eating leftovers every so often, but not to the extent of eating it everyday for a whole week. sometimes its a mix of multiple takeout leftovers (see image above). but if i can, i like to re-improvise it.

exhibit a: leftover box of rice from our chinese takeout. i usually make fried rice or congee with it. in this case, i had a taste for thai fried rice. didn’t have tofu, but i did have frozen fish cake tofu. chopped up some garlic, cilantro, green onions, a few slices of tomato, handful of bean sprout and dash of fish sauce. my dinner tonight.

thai fish cake fried rice w/ a hot glass of sweetened soy milk

exhibit b: leftover celery sticks from the buffalo wings. i’ll whip up black eye pea stew aka hoppin’ john. i’m always glad to have a bag of dried black eye peas in the cupboard. its great for these last minute meals.
i love hoppin’ john w/ a lil’ tabasco

exhibit c: leftover pita bread/naan. make a persona pizza w/ whatever ingredients you have.

spinach garlic mozzerella naan pizza top w/ toasted pine nuts

don’t get me wrong sometimes the leftovers don’t make it to the remake stage. sorry food, i know there’s starving people in other places. 😦

in other news: i really enjoyed listening to bon appetit’s podcast interview w/ david chang. its soo true. nothing beats the simple foods we can all enjoy. the people food. yay to noodle bars & street snacks.



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