bunny & pancake, originally uploaded by maomau.

sometimes you just gotta laugh and say wtf! because if you don’t, those serious monsters will kill ya.

starting at 7am this morning:
I’m feverishly working on a killer deadline. sure i could have wimped out and called for an extension but i refused to be defeated and in the end they called to postpone. wheew!

then as i do the grown-up thing of refinancing my house, they like to tell you on the day of your CLOSING that they’re still missing all these materials. i think banks like to kill you one way or another. if its not the money its anxiety attacks. hahha…*cough-cough* damn them!

then my fax machine starts rolling in “little” minor revisions but its really pages on pages of it. i never believe them when they say only a few. ha, i love my job!

gawd, what a morning! lol.

listening: chapter – Psapp


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