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just because…, originally uploaded by maomau.

hallelujah! one major thing to cross off my ongoing list. refinancing or anything to do with housing loans is a pain. PAIN!! i tell ya! after all that, it still didn’t reduce that much off our monthly payments because then they add all these fees (sneaky bastards!) to the final loan amount and it was more than what was originally owed. the only way you can tell you’ve saved from your last interest rate is the final amount, after you’ve paid it off in 30yrs!

at that moment,
i said “holy crap, we’ve just signed our life away”
the hubs said “who knows if i’ll live that long, good luck paying it off!”
“how do you know you’ll die first, i might be the one to go first”
“well, then i’ll sell it off and live on an island”
“yeah, right! i’ll do that before you do.”
all this in front of the title officiant. yes, we talk crazy like that.

in other news: with my measly mortgage reduction, i think i deserve bacon today. fat is good. Hi, K!

listening: hit me with your best shot – pat benetar


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