stuck in my head

wish you were here – pink floyd

Name that tune. does this happens with anyone else? when a song becomes an ingrained theme of a particular time or event in one’s life. just like couples who have a “song.” i have travel theme songs. It doesn’t matter what genre. Sometimes the song doesn’t even relate to the matter but as soon as you hear it it brings you back to that time and moment.

mmm…lets go back for a second here. the pixies (doolittle & surfer rosa albums) reminds me of a college spring break roadtrip i had w/ a bunch of friends one year. that was one very very interesting trip involving some germans, 10 cent wings, skiing, a flag, horizontal polka noises, man in a rubber suit and more (not in that order but good times none the less). then there’s blue’s one love very top ten-ish and big in asia at the time, reminds me of HCMC, Vietnam where we got stuck in the madness of the SEA games, food poisoning 2x and a bar fight. i actually didn’t want to go home yet after my month long stint there. i would really love to go back some day. *pout* i can probably keep going but i think i’ll start w/ the theme song for my recent retreat, which seems to land on natasha bedingfield’s love like this. It’s a good cheery sunshine happy kinda tune. I just kept hearing it before going to mexico and after. it was the hit of the moment so now whenever it comes on, I think about the island, the friends, the food, the ocean and the weather, but only I know it and whoever was a part of it. ☺

while were on the topic of music, has anyone seen the recent project runway, season 4? heidi’s new look is so olivia newton john. i totally tuned into xanadu & magic. hahahaa

listening: intergalactic – the beastie boys


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