Isla life

Retreating off to isla mujeres was definitely a good mind & body rejuvenation. doing pilates daily really kicked my ass. i was sore in a few places but it was a good pain. i’ll admit i was a bit nervous about traveling out of the country by myself & meeting a bunch of strangers. then to share a room with a total stranger! i can’t recall ever doing since college. i was initially prepared to relax alone with a book by the pool but instead i never finished my book nor did i have time to do anything by myself. instead, i was too busy enjoying much of my time with the island and with new friends. in the end, i see what traveling alone does. it really comes down to an open attitude & embracing the unexpected, whether its good or bad. and if you can’t handle that, then you mind as well stay home. as they say, you only live once.

my very own room!

i guess my biggest concern was how best to get myself onto the island without getting lost or ripped off. I had my plan A, which was my online research and info from the retreat. But as i walked out of the airport, i decided to just ask one of the info guys. i figure, if his suggestion sounded ridiculously expensive & complicated, i still had my plan A. i ended up taking his suggestion which i find out later from the other guests that i had the best & cheapest route: take a shuttle to downtown cancun’s bus station, $4usd. take a short cab ride to puerto juarez, $5usd. then a roundtrip ferry ticket, $17usd. good deal!

for 20 mins., i spaced out on the insanely beautiful blue water & gorgeous weather. when we finally docked onto fantasy island, instead of being greeted by tattoo i see a guy w/ a retreat sign. i made it, yay!

the place i’ll be retreating for the next 5 days.
the first of many meals under the stars.

two pilates sessions a day, am & pm

there was extra curricular activities after every am pilates session, but back in time for the pm pilates session. our first activity was to either bike or moped around the island. i chose moped. the last time i was on a moped/motorbike was in vietnam in ’03, but i was usually the passenger holding onto someone who was steering. its kinda scary how fast you can ride off with a little twist. i almost crashed a few times but once i got the hang of it on the open road, which thankfully the island doesn’t have traffic like vietnam, i was good to go.

road to the ruin
the lil' mayan ruin
mopeded our way to the lil’ ruin at the tip of the island. the ruin wasn’t much but hiking around it was much more interesting & fun.

i’d say when on vacay, you gotta treat yourself w/ a nice cold frothy piña colada, chips & salsa…

with a view.

lots of bright colorful tchotchke for sale

when in mexico, tacos must be eaten. especially when its on homemade corn tortillas.

the pool i was going to practice my swimming in. i never really got the chance to. sad, i know.

i need some lubs.

for the 2nd day activity, i volunteered at a pet clinic. as a tourist
its a tropical paradise but it’s still a 3rd world country. behind a 3rd world country there are plenty things you don’t see and the clinic was one of them. omg, it was nasty as all hell. the poor dogs & kitties. it was the most inhuman & poorly run clinic i’ve ever been in. i don’t recall seeing one clean cage nor was there food & water for them. i threw out more rusted & damaged medical supplies then keeping any at all. it was just wrong to treat anything with any of that stuff. though our time was only for one afternoon, we were all glad to make a smidgin of a difference. something is better than none at all.

happy pup ready for adoption

all wasn’t bad because there IS a place where they are rescued from yucky places, like the clinic, and cared for the right way.

to be continued in another post…

in other news: its snowing outside!

listening: people are people – depeche mode


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