crocus 2008

well bloom me away! this is what i’m talkin’ about. a beautiful brisk sunny day w/ spring flowers slowly popping its way out of the ground. this year i plan to put a budget together and get the front yard done the right way once and for all. i can’t keep pouring money onto this little patch of land every year. people with dogs need to pick their shit up! wtf this ain’t paris! i need to figure out how to build a mini retaining wall. plant more native & self-sustaining plants. i’m sure it needs some good feeding, composting and whatnot. we shall see…

woohoo, tulips!

in other news: did i ever mention how much i hate paperwork? you can’t hide behind the computer nor can you throw it in a pile. it will naw at you for days on week and then it will eventually consume you all in one. aaack, help!


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