this weekend

these shoes aren’t meant for THAT much walking

i woke up butt early to walk off my fat lazy ass. i texted my neighbor gf wanna walk? we walked & walked. we walked west. we walked north. we walked west. we ended walking about 7.5 miles roundtrip. and for that much walking, i realized i really don’t own a very good pair of walking shoes. i just hate how a majority of walking/workout shoes looks so fugly. for that fact, i just never got a pair of good shoes. i may need to do some investigating…

@ tizi melloul

went to celebrate a gf’s birthday @ tizi melloul. appetizer, unlimited wine & bellydancer for $25 but it ended up being $45 per person. its all good girlfriends fun.

in other news: lots of work to get in order before i leave town. i’m gonna miss my kitties, again.


my sweet beeps

listening: stone – cibo matto


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