blue monday

its rainy and cold. its also suppose to snow. wtf??!!

wow, what a way to start a work week! from an email this morning, which will alterate the rest of the coming year. it really goes to show that shit can happen anytime or moment. nothing is forever. you just have to be prepared & ready for the worse.

this weekend’s suprise party for a friend was a debacle. mostly on her part, since this is becoming the 3rd try to surprise, i’m about ready to give up!

on a positive note, i volunteered this weekend.


saw a free preview of baby mama, in which we all got a toilet clip as a gift (you have to see the movie to understand why).

baby mama gift

anyone need a toilet clip?

also, i’ve been cooking up a storm but i haven’t been in the mood to set it up for a nice photo. so here’s one for your pleasure. ramen w/ fried tofu puffs & chinese broccoli


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