no-cooking necessary

so during my lil’ getaway in isla mujeres a few months ago, i had an opportunity to learn some hands-on traditional mexican dishes: ceviche & mole. since mole takes a little more thought process, i’m going to do the easier ceviche. i’m also going to cheat a little. why? because i had some ingredients on hand but i didn’t have everything. i’m about to head out of town and the last thing i want to do is to get more grocery.

i had shrimp, lime, tostados, avocado & sour cream. i was missing cilantro, red onion, tomatoes & jalapeño peppers. i know, how important are those ingredients. hey so the trick was to use a container of fresh hot salsa that i had in the fridge already (coincidentally it had all those missing ingredients). since the salsa is probably diluted w/ tomatoe juice, i squeezed in about 3 lime worth of juice to give it a little more acid to cook the shrimp better. the picture above is enough for 2-3 tostadas. mix everything together. let it sit. mix it again until you start seeing the shrimp turn pink & white. it should have a firm bite when its done. spread a tostadas w/ sour cream, layer of shrimp ceviche & a few slices of avocado.

its refreshingly delish! too bad i was too lazy to make myself a margarita. it would have topped it off well.

in other news: why is it still so friggin’ cold here. i’m so tired of wool socks & sweaters.


2 thoughts on “no-cooking necessary

  1. How cool! I’m always too paranoid about ceviche not cooking all the way through that I never eat it. I’m positive that I’m missing out on something good here.

  2. oh u should try. if your a lil weary of it not “cooking” thoroughly, let it sit over nite. its definitely worth a try.

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