pop tales*

as we get older, our parents are getting even older. its good to spend time whenever i can. we have good ‘ol grown-up conversations & gossip. once in a while he’ll slip in some parental thingy but most of the time we just shoot the shit. A lot of gigi-ja-jaa (chit-chat) as they say.

since mid-march, my dad has been enjoying his free senior citizen public transit rides. it lets him be independent and gives him the alternative to not drive during bad weather or at night.  we were talking about making a trip this summer to new york to visit family & friends, when he asked if his free ride would take him all the way to new york. i laughed. uh, no! i doubt cta crosses state borders like that but boy that would be one long ass hell of a bus ride. hahahaa.

*this post is for L, who requested for more stories from my dad, who we call pop.

in other news: i finally threw in the towel and hired a cleaning lady. for 5hrs, the woman scrubbed my kitchen & bathrm down. things i thought were lost causes is now bling-ing all around. omg, i think can even hear the angels sing!


2 thoughts on “pop tales*

  1. you should write all the stories about your dad down because they are fodder for a sitcom in the making!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also, what cleaning service did you use? i’m always looking for one but would prefer one that came with a referral!

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