two people i know has passed suddenly this weekend. my uncle, who i’m not really close but still sad because that leaves three siblings left out of six in my dad’s family. but the most shocking of all is the passing of my dear accountant, who’ve i’ve been working with since the very beginning. he’s been so much a part of our success today. his battle w/ cancer has finally come to an end. *sniffle sniffle*

in other news: i’ve been gardening all weekend long, almost done. a book (isabel allende’s daughter of fortune) i was aiming to finish on vacation but finally finished this afternoon. whew! i’m horrible when it comes to finishing books.


2 thoughts on “r.i.p.

  1. hey anna – just making the rounds and caught this post. isn’t that tragic about dan? he was awesome and will be missed. sorry to hear about your uncle too – take care! 🙂

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