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Grrr!!, originally uploaded by maomau.

god, i wish i had more time. i mean its already the first day of summer (did we even have a spring?) and i’m still not done w/ my spring gardening. i’ve got a calendar full of things to do & a laundry list that keeps getting longer, mainly because it is very very hard to not step out and not come back to work. technically that means i’m procrastinating. usually i’m kinda happy when business is slow during the summers. this summer its just a little insane to the membrane. then again, i should be glad, you never know how this economy will go. gotta take it while its coming, right? god, it was so much easier to be a kid and carefree summers.
also, i’ve got a creepy neighbor, in the next yard over, that friggin’ sits there and watch while i’m in my own yard. it really creeps me out when i look up and he’s sitting there quietly over the fence. last year, i had planted a row of morning glories in my neighbors yard that give her & i some privacy. this year, i got lazy and now i’ve got a creepy guy staring over the fence. its actually really f**kin annoying.

listening to: time (clock of the heart) – culture club


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