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container garden, originally uploaded by maomau.

last week, things were out of control and unavoidable. it sucked. some may call it a shitty week. all i can do is shrug my shoulders and hope for better days next week.

food poisoning. my indian buffet lunch made my stomach angry for a few days.

jury duty. after X amount of years not getting picked, i get the letter! the waiting & interviewing is agonizing. just get ready to sit there ALL day. i was actually getting into the case. i was ready to deliberate. then the case gets dismissed. wtf! $17 check is cut for my troubles.

squirrels. and i’m not talking about the ones in the head. they keep digging up my seedlings leaving me only two plants left in the spring mix box (one mizuna & one arugula).

sneezing/cough. it sucks when a sudden itch scratches my throat midway downing a cup of coffee, causing me to choke & cough. splattering it all over the keyboards. dangit!

death. especially when its your accountant and taxes are due. when ppl want their money, there is no sympathy.

meetings. i hate when there’s too much of it and i can’t do any work!!

rain. as we tried to do our walking exercise across town, the skies couldn’t make up its mind if it wanted to cry or smile.  

in other news: this week isn’t any better. its another hell week before the fireworks go off, but at least is mostly work.


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