yellow & green beans

happy july 1st! didn’t even realize it was until i was uploading this picture, above, from this morning. didn’t even realize the 4th of july was this friday until tonite:

the hubs: hey, we’re invited to a BBQ at XXX.
me: when?
hubs: friday
me: friday? why would they have it on a work day?
hubs: what country are you from?
me: omg, its the 4th this friday? geezus, i knew it was coming up. god, work has got me all mixed up with the days.
hubs: you know what, i didn’t realize it either? i thought it was this saturday.
me: so what country are you from?
hubs: (w/ a twang) imma from the u-ni-did states of a-meericaa!

in other news: found another dead squirrel by the rose bush. i was going to wait for someone else to help fish it out. but i took a deep breathe. held my heppy-jeppies. found the longest shovel i had. managed to scoop that sucker out. squirrels are like huge rats w/ a fur coat. they are not cute if you see it that way. *shudder*


3 thoughts on “

  1. I see beans!!!! How cool! Do beans have to grow up on a trellis like that? I’ve been thinking about maybe trying to grow them, but I think I’d just kill them…

  2. my mom killed TWO squirrels in her attic – almost with her bare hands, but that’s another story. haha.

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