what a weekend! bbqs, family, friends and fireworks. this was probably the first long weekend where i actually felt like it was a long weekend. usually i feel cheated and that extra day was all a lie.

for the 4th, we spent the day & night at a family bbq and watched the fireworks in a huge park close by. even though i was the guest, i was nominated to “man” the grill. the one man (my BIL) who can cook or grill couldn’t make it. a cousin shouted for her husband to take over but i just stepped in. later, grandma W whispered she was happy i was grilling because she couldn’t bare another bbq of burnt & super dried food from him again. lol.

the public fireworks in the park were ok, but in my opinion still kinda boring. my #2 BIL said i’m a firework snob. hahaha. maybe. maybe because the most f**kin’ amazing fireworks i’ve ever witnessed in my entire life was in shanghai, china and all the worlds presidents (i think bush was there too) were in town for a conference. i’m sure since china is probably the main producer of fireworks, the best of the best was definitely put out that night. things i never knew fireworks can do were done. it wasn’t the usual round puff of colors & sparks you see in most fireworks show. i remember the sky literally dancing w/ colors, shapes & acrobatic performances. at one point the city was showering with a million little lighted lanterns floating. omg, it was magical! i wanted to catch one in my hand. gawd if only had pictures to show, but even that won’t do it justice. unless i see something that tops that (maybe the beijing olympics? i doubt i’ll make it there), i guess that would make any other fireworks i’ve seen since, thumbs down.
the saturday bbq, i was able to sit back. eat. drink and bring home a nice banana plant (our friend is a landscaper). i ate till i could barely sit. i was greedy and had one two many pieces of blueberry pie. i think that has to be my favorite pie to date.

the beautiful weather continued onto sunday. one of the reasons to love this city, you can just walk & enjoy what this city has to offer. then grab a quick bite and walk home.

then realizing i can still make a fast break up into the nearby ‘burbs for some last minute holiday bargains. then driving home locally grabbing some food at superdawg on the way home.
okay, i think its time to get back on the healthy eating track.

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  1. I recently found out that I love blueberry pies too! They were all out of apple (my other favorite) so I opted for a blueberry pie and I was so happy I did. I finished the whole pie by myself in about 5 days. =D

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