haven’t been that far away but just enjoying some kick-ass weather. its been in the 80s w/out the humidity the past week and weekend (may change as of today). we did get some good rain showers but it was all in the middle of the night. clearing at the peak of sunrise. the best way to water a yard and/or garden. then sunny & clear blue skies for the rest of the day. how perfect is that? now if only it stayed constant like that. you hear me mother nature??

this weekend i picked up a good pair of flip-flops (see foto above). didn’t realize flip-flops could be such a big deal, huh? definitely a difference to my many many pairs of old navy, gap or my fancy schmancy LV flip-flops, but i suggest the havaianas if you want some good comfy long lasting flip-flops.

this week, i told my friend I, i hadn’t seen her & her new bebe for months and all of sudden we’ve been having lunch out everyday. it all started w/ an empanada. we couldn’t wait till today, so we went yesterday & today. then we also had craving for korean fried chicken, which we almost jumped in the car to do tonite but decided to hold it off for lunch tomorrow. next is peking duck. muwhahahahaha

in other news: last nite i was woken up which sounded to me like a dog fight in the alley, men shouting & dogs whimpering. oh my god! by the time i think i realized what it was it had already stopped & dispersed. its just not right. those poor dogs. 😦


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