made my yearly trek out to st. joe, michigan. i should go out there more often, but i don’t. one of my best friend has a summer home out there. i forget that less than 2hrs away i can achieve some nature, peace & tranquility. its definitely more economical than my yearly trek to nyc, but that’s a totally different vibe i can’t abandon.

arriving in michigan in the early evening, we were hungry & hot. hot (not in a glamour way) usually equates to wanting a cold beverage and a light meal. so we chose from the “small plates” section of the menu. when it came out, it was nowhere near small. welcome to midwest “super-size” plates of food. then again when hunger strikes, we still managed to polish it all off. so baaad!

afterwards, we tried to walk off the “light” dinner along the beach, as the sky turned perwinkle purple & the 80s band loverboys were playing in a nearby stage tent.

we were going to hit the beach but it was raining cats & dogs for most of saturday. it finally let up enough for us to take a short walk into town.
so with all the humidity & wet rain came the nightmare of mosquitos. i’ve got some heinous bites to take home as souvenirs. we stayed indoors the rest of the day & evening with scrabble, scarface, wine, cheese, capri sun, documentary, cheddarwurst, spooky docks and pistachios (not exactly all in that order but we did it).

next day, we spontaneously went blueberry pickin’. its the start of the season. they were huge, deliciously sweet & flavorful.
i was only able to pick 2lbs in this 6lb bucket. some lady picked 17lbs which shows that i’m not equipped to work in the fields any time soon.
the field work built up an appetite, so we stopped in for some “legendary food” @ redamak’s

did a lil’ antique shopping. hoping to find more vintage pyrex or cool tchotchkes. alas, i bought nothing, not by choice but by all the insanely inflated pricetags.
so to satiate our shopping needs, we conveniently veered off to the outlets for a quick spend before heading back to the big city (at least its only 7% tax than our inflated 10%, wtf, is that all about?).


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