hazy hot humid chitown

i admit sometimes it takes a deal to make myself a tourist in one’s own city. i’ve never been on top of the hancock observatory nor have i ever dined on the 95th flr signature room. I probably never made it there because its such a tourist & date trap.

so a week ago, i get a text from a friend to join her & her friend for lunch there because every tuesday, for july only, was a $9.95 lunch buffet. i thought, huh, why not?

we made it there for the final tuesday of july and it was a mad house. mad, i tell ya! or maybe its a mad house everyday and i don’t know it because i don’t come here very often. so we snake through a long line to the elevators to go up to the restaurant. then we all smoosh into one elevator car, only to smoosh into the waiting area where they announced that the waiting time is 45 – 1hr. meanwhile more people are smooshing in from the other elevator cars into the waiting area. insane!

thankfully, we had an anxious member in our party who got there butt early and was the 1st name on the list. he was a bit pissed that we got there so late (only 20mins but part of it was in the lines). hey we had no idea he was on the clock for lunch. he wasn’t my friend, but the friend of my girlfriend. we put up w/ his scowl face since our wait was only 5mins. then life was good after he got his plate of food. anyway…

good thing about buffets is that you can instantly eat. bad thing you gotta get in line for your food too. damnzit, just can’t win!
but once when the plate is filled and i settle into my chair, its all about lunching w/ a view.

hello lsd! (not the drug, lake shore drive)

would i ever go back again! probably not. the food was meh. plus i wouldn’t want to fight that crowd just for a 95th flr view again. but hey if you’ve never done it, its good to check it out at least once in your life.

in other news:
my bounty is coming in nicely. i’ve got to harvest & eat it all before the heat kills it. i’m overrun w/ arugula. aaack! interested in italian arugula?


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