korean grillin’

this past weekend was a perfect weekend for festivals. there were a ton going on all around the city but i only made it to one, the chicago korean festival ’08. it was a great to witness some fun korean cultural activities besides the food.

ssirum – korean wrestling

on a corner where two streets meet, was a big circle of sand, where two fighters will tug on a red or blue satpa (a piece of cloth fasten to the waist & thigh). depending who is the strongest or most athletic, one will physically force the other to hit the sand first.

young boys & men took part in the wrestling, but nothing drew a bigger crowd then the girls. i wonder why?? ^^

after such a fierce competion, these teen competitors get to lug home a 25lb bag of rice.

while sucking on some kalbi bone, its time to get down with the poongmul (traditional drumming) troop, as they strolled down along the festival tents. here’s a small tidbit:

now wasn’t that fun?


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