i’ve gotta problem. i thought it was resolved early last week but now there’s two and nearly scaring the shit out of me.

peeking out after i opened the garage door

i’m movin’ in w/ my whole family. ha-ha!

i need to do something about it soon. unfortunately the city is useless when it comes to animal control. they’ve managed to find a loop hole to NOT help its citizen by only coming out to trap/remove the animal if your garage is attached to your house. what garage is attached to the house in chicago??? maybe a few but i’d say 95% are unattached. houses in the suburbs are more likely to be attached. ha, what a waste of tax dollars to do nada! its f**kin’ ridiculous i tell ya!!

in other news: our bbq was great! no meat left but were fully stocked w/ beer & dessert for another bbq. we missed you this yr. mariko-chan!


2 thoughts on “

  1. solution for the time being is opening/closing the garage dr more often and smoking it up w/ incense. we shall see…

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