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meet up with a few friends at new place for lunch. it was good but nothing that really rock my world to go back again and again. it was simple dishes w/ a twist. that twist comes with a price and that cost was not the friendliest to my pocketbook. i guess i can’t wrap my mind that i just ate a single bowl of ,basically, fried rice and it was $8!! then realizing each of the four dumplings cost $2 each! i guess for me there is similar food i can eat at some hole, if not better, that would be half the price if not less. don’t get me wrong the food was fresh and tasty. i enjoyed the bits of soft fatty pork belly in my rice. my companions all liked their dishes.

i guess the cost does include the atmosphere & service. its definitely done up in a modern clean, new york-ish way, in a small narrow space. the four huge communal tables keeps the place low key & hip, w/ the self-serving counter & water cups. the parking is an added plus. its a place for people who want pretty simple food but don’t want to trudge into real hole-in-the-walls. now, i can check it off my “must try list.” *checked*


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  1. thanks for the review — was curious how that place was! now i know! i’d rather go to chinatown and spend my $$ on some soup dumplings at lao shanghai!!

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