today’s harvest: yellows & greens

another weekend gone and i’m already ready for the next. wtf? i swear there is just not enough time in two days. i threw out a lot of good food that went bad from last weekend. i hate wasting food.

went to the annual plant sidewalk sale in the northside. i use to get super butt cheap bargains, but haven’t seen that for the past two years. i keep hoping but i just come home with a handful of items instead of a trunk load. that might be a good thing but still who could resist a super duper bargain, right? i did pick up more seeds (soy, radishes, snow peas & kohlrabi). mostly late summer plantings. we’ll see how they grow. they may do well just before the first frost but thats if i’m not too lazy to nurture them to full term.

i ordered some nice shelving system from container store the other day. i’m pretty dang proud when i can use a power drill, anchors, level & mallet all in one sentence. i think i did okay. well see, if it’ll fall off the wall. hope not. one closet & one more to go.

finally, sliced up a heirloom cucumber i’ve been waiting to mature all summer long. first i was scared at the prickly black whiskers and the odd shape. i scrubbed off the hair and sliced one up. viola, it tasted just as good as the long green cucumbers we’re use to. i actually kinda like the size, much easier to finish. its a great garnish on cold yummy gazpacho that’s fo sure.

happy monday!

heirloom cucumbers

listening: swordfishtrombone – tom waits


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