mmm…my faux fancy french fries!

the weather made a big ass u-turn and it was cold, wet and cold! when that happens, i want comfort food. okay, maybe some long socks & a ginormous fleece blanket, too!

i had a taste for fries but i was too lazy to walk out to McDs for any, plus i’d feel guilty for feeding into my second stomach, you know. 😦 luckily i had a bag of frozen trader joe’s garlic fries. baked a few of those, according to the package. sprinkled some sea salt. drizzled a bit of truffle oil (very handy to have around). chopped in some fresh parsely (still growing in the garden) and viola! it managed to satisfy my fry craving for a bit. kinda frenchy but kinda not. you make the call.

speaking of french, i had a french lunch at this huge chain in the burbs. initially we wanted italian but we made a quick change to french, because its something we rarely pick. in the burbs more likely everything is a conglomerate chain. in this case, there was a row of three restaurants in front of us: french, italian & something (can’ t remember) but its all owned my one place conjoined to the mall (but not directly). made she-she w/ valet and all. so i can’t expect too much. i just want a decent lunch.

so we went and checked out mon ami gabi. french brassiery, old gentlemen’s club type of place. i think we were the only people of color besides the table staff. lotsa business-y men & coiffed older women. my lunch date said were going to have a fake french food, aren’t we? possibly, but we’ll see.

a very attentive wait staff. love the hot baguette in a bag. i can just sit there and eat that one item and i’d be a happy gal. but who does that? i ordered the escargot & she had french onion soup to start. me: buttery oily tender morsels but could use a little salt. again, bread & this i’d be fine. she: extremely sweet & cheesy. its almost too sweet. for entree, i had skate (just because i rarely make fish at home). she had a open face shrimp salad. me: it came out smelling funny. like ammonia. forgot that monday is a bad time to order fish, oops. my bad. then again, its bad that they even served it. bleeech! i ended exhanging it for a burger w/ brie. she: had a plate of soupy shrimp salad on top of a super toasted piece of toast. not very tasty. its okay but not very satifying. she only had a quarter of it and just had a piece of my burger. so all in all it wasn’t our kind of place. for what we spent, we probably could have had a better meal or two at some local hole. i suppose there’s a reason why you keep picking the same places to eat, again & again. doh!

listening: a spoon weigh a ton – the flaming lips


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  1. my favorite resto is a french brasserie actually – and the food, beer & wine there is excellent! (btw, i'm about to go there in 20 min. LOL!)

    oh, i never had garlic fries – are they good? i've been 20x times in france, but never seen them on the menu!? or is it an american invention?

  2. hahaha…kd, its really my own invention. i probably wanted it to be frenchy fries.

    the garlic fries are good of trader joe’s (also the same owners of aldi. aren’t they german?)

  3. in the philippines, “gabi” is taro. so i sort of love that name of the restaurant, it could be the name of a japanese character based on a friendly tuber….

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