organic stash. more not pictured.

as most people know, its not cheap to eat organic. usually it’ll be double if not triple the price of what you would pay for non-organic. today, i maximized my collection of coupons and managed to save almost $20 worth of groceries at wholefoods. i don’t normally go into that store unless i have to. not that i don’t want to but its friggin’ expensive, people! you really don’t get the max for the minimum. its more the other way around. so my only way around it is to go to green festivals & organic events, just so i can collect coupons. i know i’m like an old lady combing through my coupon file as i go through the isles. for this i must shop alone. others would be impatient, like the hubs. ha! i admit it takes some time & work but its all worth it after you check out at the cashier.

after driving around town w/ a pickup truck load of recycles, i finally made it to the recycling center. shredded. separated. collasped. tossed. smashed. cleared it all out. i think i’ve taken care of my greenly duties for the today. wheeew!

baked butternut squash. watermelon. mix spring salad. lemon garlic salmon. chicken fried rice. not pictured: penne w/ alfredo sauce.

mushroom risotto. sweet sausage w/ red peppers & onions

i’ve said this before but its sooooo nice to have a bunch of good friends live within walking distance to gather and enjoy an impromtu meal. it was a feast thrown together in an hour.

listening: shove it – santogold


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